"Mrs. Florinda"

Vhils has been developing a unique visual language based on removing superficial layers from walls and other supports. In his mural he paid a tribute to “Ms. Florinda”, a woman from Estarreja that worked on the rice fields. This work tells us about memory and about cultural identity of both places and people. Vhils creations can be seen all over the world, for example in Brazil, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Italy, United States and Ukraine.
Created on September 29, 2017
R. Dr. Dionísio de Mouro 73, Estarreja, Portugal
Hunted by Maria Mendonça.
Pictures by ©sara pinheiro, ©CME.

Marker details

Artist nationalityPortugal
FestivalESTAU Estarreja 2017
Date created2017-09-29T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork