One World, One Love

Being invited to Jerusalem for the first time, Zosen had a lot of questions about the israeli state, their neighboring countries , their culture, history, etc. He tried to learn from the community, asking the local people about all this themes. Visiting the cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv, were he met different israeli artists who showed him different traditions, speaking about all this topics and with some we painted together.
Zosen decided to paint a wall for peace, for a future without borders, without prejudices, without paranoia, just with freedom and love. Is time to think global, our home is the earth and we need to share with the others, don't be egoistic, remember the history to don't repeat the same mistakes. One world, One love!

Created on February 16, 2020
HaParsa St 16, Jerusalem, Israel

Hunted by Tim Marschang.