Zenk One

For the next 5 years, a big white fence will ‘adorn’ the Grote Markt (great square), due to the restoration of the Grote Kerk (church). During the last week 0f 2019, the first panels of a 16 meter long ‘Blind Wall’ were placed on the fence. In collaboration with the Grote Kerk we asked artist Zenk One (Robin Nas) to visualize the stories of this special location. New panels will be added regularly so that the Blind Wall will grow.
Directly after placing the fencing, the question to create a Blind Wall arose from politics and businesses in Breda. The fencing is difficult to paint, which is why we decided to create an artwork with 48 panels of 1×1 meters. Regularly we will be adding 4 to 6 new panels at a time, this way the artwork will grow for the next 3 years until it’s complete.
Just like the other Blind Walls, this one is inspired by its location. Zenk One’s work shows the Grote Markt and Grote Kerk as a meeting place through the ages. Inspiration for the panels comes from both the rich past and present of this location. The first panels suit the season and are inspired by Christmas. They’re also reminiscent of the oldest townscape in the Dutch art of painting, which shows Christus and the Samaritan woman in a hilly landscape with Breda and of course the Grote Kerk in the background.
- Blind Walls Gallery | 2019 - 

Created on January 14, 2020
Grote Markt, Breda, Nederland
Hunted by Blind Walls Gallery Breda.
Pictures by Edwin Wiekens.

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