Coffee Break

The Rome mural was commissioned by the local city council with the supervision of Galleria Varsi, a dynamic gallery near Campo de' Fiori known for its stable of street artists, and which currently hosts an Etam Cru exhibition entitled Bedtime Stories.

The Polish duo Etam Cru (Bezt and Sainer) created the highest mural in Rome (to date) on the border between the Tor Pignattara and Pigneto neighborhoods: 32 meters 
Trendy Pigneto is an up-and-coming area with low-key pizzerias, traditional trattorias, so perfect spot for Polish duo Etam Cru to create the tallest mural in Rome for their first visit to the city.
You can catch this fading, 15 foot man coming out of a garbage can with a coffee in his hand. Many in the neighborhood censored this subject, thinking it was a representation of the area that has long been afflicted by a chronic emergency linked to waste disposal. In reality the artists - as often happens - did not really think about the problem but tried to represent a grotesque situation in which to synthesize a "gentle" Italian everyday life (coffee in fact) and a "negative" or the situation of discomfort and marginalization of many people forced to live on the street.
The enigma remains and maybe that's good.
Do you like coffee? What's your favorite?

Created on July 9, 2014
Via Lodovico Pavoni, 171, 00176 Roma RM, Italy