Note about the author: This street artist was born in Insbruck, Austrian.His work is certainly unique. His paintings depict what he describes as objects. Brushes, shrimp, sausages, teeth, paprika, chargers… there is seemingly no pattern to the objects that HNRX will choose to paint high up onto the walls of any given city. He paints them because they are interesting, nothing more. Often he will bring them together in what he describes as a surreal way creating patterns and playing around with the objects he has chosen to depict. As a result it’s very unlikely that you’ll see two pieces the same. HNRX is also an artist who loves to travel having painted throughout most of Europe. Motivated by adventure, he talks about going outdoors, feeling alive and being able to create something in the urban environment.
Created on November 29, 2019
Calle Vinatea, 9, Valencia, España
Hunted by Luís de Manuel -Art urbà València.
Pictures by Lluís de Manuel.

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