Day of the Dead

description by artist: “Day of the dead” mural at lakeside 699 E.cone boulevard GSO. It’s a 360 degree mural...my first of this kind that wraps around a cylindrical building. I added a male face on the last day on the back to balance the design. I have always been averse to painting flowers and have never painted them before this piece. But here is to flower power. I loved every bit of creating this piece for Kotis Street Art. In Mexican culture The festival is about praying for the ancestors who wake up this day to bless and celebrate. It is dedicated to the goddess “Lady of the Dead”. Somewhat like Shraadh days of India but more colorful.
Created on November 7, 2019
699 East Cone Boulevard, Greensboro, NC, USA

Hunted by Peggy Brutcher. Pictures by Peggy Brutcher.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited States