Gregor Wosik was born in Upper Silesia, Poland, and has lived in Germany since 1984, where he works as a freelance artist. Gregor Wosik loved painting and drawing from an early age. His talent for drawing became apparent at an early age and his talent was encouraged by additional art lessons from the age of 16. 

 Inspired by old masters of realism such as Rembrandt, Rubens and Caravaggio, he elaborates the detailed reproduction, usually in oil, and emphasizes the special expression or personality of the subject. facial expressions, gestures, the entire posture; the face in often the finest nuances with a strong emphasis on the eye expression.
Created on July 28, 2023
Krefeld Großmarkt, 47799 Krefeld, Deutschland
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

Marker details

Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ31
Marker typeartwork