Note about the author: The works of Felipe Pantone, an Argentine artist born in Buenos Aires and resident in the Valencian neighborhood of Russafa, has a very characteristic style of using geometric shapes of bright colors, very close to Op-art (optical art). His work fuses elements of graphic design with evolved geometric figures that create works with a very avant-garde aesthetic. Art critics point out from their works that "the divisions between geometric patterns and gradients combine so easily, that larger patterns seem created with digitalization rather than with the hands". Forbes magazine called its aesthetic “the intersection of Blade Runner and PhotoShop” for its concepts of dynamism, transformation and movement.
Created on October 19, 2019
Carrer del Comte de Montornés, 13, 46003 València, Valencia, España
Hunted by Luís de Manuel -Art urbà València.
Pictures by Lluís de Manuel.

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