Carrier Pigeon

Rembrandt, the oldest café in Tongeren (from 1881), no longer has a blind wall. Adéle Renault, a famous street art artist  has colored the facade with a life-size pigeon. "Pigeons are a metaphor for people," she explains. "Just because they are so urbanized." 
Adèle Renault has painted a carrier pigeon. Her work has been commissioned by Hip Hub Hooray, a regional hip hop festival with street art, break dance and other expressions of hip hop culture - and in collaboration with MoMent. The latter is a culture festival that runs this summer for the third year in a row in Tongeren. 
 "The painting is the first of a series that we want to introduce to public places in the region," says Daniëlle Gielen of Hip Hub Hooray. "We want to realize a network of murals and thus connect the cities in the region."
The owners of café Rembrandt, were immediately able to freshen up the facade of their shop with a work of art. “The pigeon is not only painted in great detail, it is also a good example of an illusion. If you look good at the wall painting, you can even let the pigeon eat from your hand. "
Created on July 14, 2019
Leopoldwal 5, 3700 Tongeren, Belgium
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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