The Fern Flower

For Artscape Saga 2019.
The wall is based on a tale by nineteenth century Polish writer J. I. Kraszewski, about a boy called Jack who ventures into the forest on the St John’s night of the summer solstice, in search of a fabled magic flower. After three years of trying, the boy steals the fern flower, which much like Aladdin's Lamp, grants him his every wish. As he put the flower inside his jacket, he hears a quiet voice say to him, “now you can have anything in the world you have ever wanted, but you may never share your happiness with another soul’”. Jack was too excited to hear the words of warning as he felt the flower laying down its delicate roots into his young heart. Yet something that in the beginning was his biggest dream became a curse. After few years, tormented with remorse he said his last wish and got swallowed by the ground.
Created on August 20, 2019
Kungsgatan 10, 441 30 Alingsås, Sverige
Hunted by Fredric Sanabria.

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Date created2019-08-20T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork