Southsea Model Village (various artists)

What must be one of the most unusual street art walking tours includes work by Mydogsighs, Fark, Berk MLC and NZIE. Overlooking the model village is a life size piece by Mydogsighs but on the walls of the village itself, all at 1/12th scale are the really interesting pieces. If you do the walk then get a quiz sheet from the entrance vendor and look for all the things listed while also spotting the street art. Lets hope more artists get involved with bringing street art to the world of the little people.
- @mydogsighs
- @farkfk
- @NZIEgram
- @Berkmidlifecrisis
- https://www.southseamodelvillage.biz/
Created on August 7, 2019
Southsea Model Village, Lumps Fort, Eastney Esplanade, Portsmouth, Southsea PO4 9RU, UK
Hunted by Mr Lissitch.
Pictures by Lissitch.

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