Astro, with the help of his assistants, and two Tahitian artists, Deraj and Savaj, created this trompe-l'oeil fresco. This was carried out in seven days of intensive work, on a surface of 300 m2 of the residence "Le Diadème", highlighting the art of the Marquisian tattoo, with a 3D representation of the symbol of Enana (the man).
This fresco was created in partnership with the Ono'u Festival and the OPH on the theme "Ono'u - Art in the service of social housing".
Created on August 2, 2019
55 Cours de l'Union Sacrée, Papeete 98713, Polynésie française
Hunted by Marc Emmanuel LOUVAT.
Pictures by Marc E Louvat.

Marker details

Date created2019-08-02T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedCanon EOS 6D
Marker typeartwork
CountryFrench Polynesia