Collaboration mural...Baby by Jeks and background painted by Eric Mangen.
Kotis tapped JEKS for some of his projects, including a mural depicting a baby floating underwater, a spray paint can in its hand. Given free reign design-wise, JEKS drew inspiration from the building itself, which houses the BadAxe Boutique guitar shop in the Westover Gallery of Shops between Westover Terrace and Lawndale Drive. Curated by Kotis Street Art.

“I decided to do my take on Nirvana’s Nevermind cover with the baby underwater, but I made it myself,” he explains. “The face pretty much looks just like me when I was a baby.”

Created on June 24, 2018
1410 Westover Terrace, Greensboro, NC, USA

Hunted by Peggy Brutcher. Pictures by Peggy Brutcher.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited States