Pieza 2 Ciclón Callejero

This piece was based on a picture taken by StinkFish in Old Providence, an island on the Colombian Caribbean. The Colombian artist has a particular MO he’s been applying on his work consistently: he takes pictures of people without their knowledge and then he uses those pictures as a frame for a stencil he then paints on a different place. He collaborates frequently for his pieces painted on Colombia with Empty Boy, another stencil specialist. 
The Ciclón Callejero took place during the second half of the month of September. The first week was used to paint the walls and then the second week was used to give the workshops and have the screening sessions. The urban experiment was named after El Ciclón Bananero, which is how the local football team –Unión Magdalena– is known around here, referring to the strong windy season affecting the city at the end of the year (aka La Brisa Loca) and to the fact that this territory used to be banana country (nowadays most plantations have been turned to palm).
This wall is situated diagonal to JáfanaJafana’s cultural center, and belongs to the living quarters of a family that has been involved with many of Jáfana’s activities. In fact, in a previous stay, StinkFish gave a stencil workshop attended by their infants. They were all pretty excited to have this beautiful piece painted on the wall and it now looks as the girl from Old Providence is a guardian angel for their household. 
Created on September 20, 2018
Cl. 12 #475, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia
Hunted by Lozano Puche.
Pictures by JáfanaJafana.

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Date created2018-09-20T22:00:00.000Z
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CitySanta Marta