In case of lost childhood, break glass

During If Walls Could Speak 10 international and nationally recognized artists used the Platanenweg as their canvas to create 10 stunning murals. 10 murals with 10 stories, all within the theme: Amsterdam for Everybody.

Leon Keer is a prominent name with his anamorphic art. His art always carries a message. His work deals with social problems such as concerns for the environment and the quality of life in our world. Leon Keer is constantly aware of the playfulness and beauty versus the degradation around him, a contrast that he expresses and reinforces in his work and that he uses as a metaphor for life.

This astounding mural features a glass cabinet full of toys with a hammer sat neatly below. The message of this piece? Every adult is still free to do what we want and there’s nothing wrong with reconnecting with our youth.
Created on May 16, 2019
Platanenweg 38II, 1091 KV Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hunted by Tim Marschang.
Pictures by No Grey Walls, Leon Keer.

Marker details

Date created2019-05-16T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedCanon EOS 50D
Marker typeartwork