Spoorbrugtrap Natuurpark Deventer IJsseloevers

How can one illustrate the constant tension between nature and recreation on the banks of the Ijssel River? Rotterdam artist Danny Rumbl did just that with his #Spoorbrugtrap, located on the sides of the stairs leading to the nature reserve area known as the Ossenwaard.

Danny Rumbl illustrated the unique natural value of the Ossenwaard by including two special bird species that breed in this area. On the side facing Deventer, there’s an illustrated corncrake (above) and spotted crake (below). The colourful flowers and plants are inspired by the flora which grows around the staircase and ensure that the mural fits in seamlessly with the beautiful nature reserve. 

But even more than an ode to local ecology, the artist depicts the sometimes abrasive connection between humans and nature. On the other side of the staircase facing De Worp, a hare (inspired by the logo of IJssellandschap) shoots through the legs of a young person in pink shorts walking through the area. Hopefully, the mural will prompt visitors to think about their own connection and impact as[LB1]  they enter and exit the nature reserve.

 This mural was commissioned by the municipality of Deventer as part of the 'Nature Park Deventer Ijssel River Banks' project and organised by Street Art Streets.

Making of video: https://youtu.be/h2MZtfWmYUo

Project: #SpoorBrugTrap (Railroad Bridge Stairs)
Artist: Danny Rumbl
Location: Zwarte Pad
Date: May 2019
Made possible by: the Municipality of Deventer, Street Art Streets, Bestwerk

Created on May 29, 2019
spoorbrug, deventer, Zwarte Pad, 7412 Deventer, Nederland

Hunted by Egbert Scheffer.

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