Open your mind before your mouth

The iconic trio Buck returned to Antwerp after years. All 3 live most of the time abroad: Chase in Los Angeles, Bué in Mexico and Zenith travels most of the time, but the district of Berchem with their newly appointed alderman of street art Kris Gysels invited them.

They painted this collab: Open your mind before your mouth in one week.
Why exactly this text? “Because nowadays people say their thoughts too often before they have thought. There is a lot of virtue signaling (when someone gives his opinion about something to show his moral superiority, ed.) And parochial thinking, certainly in Flanders, "says Chase, who does not reveal his birth name. 
"We have already made this work as 'Buck' in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles (where Chase has been living for almost 25 years, ed.) And thought it was great to do it together again." The three friends see each other not so often anymore: Bué lives in Mexico with his family, Schoenaerts is the only one who still lives in Antwerp, but is busy with his international acting career.

TIP: the work is best visible from the Posthofbrug nearby
Created on May 19, 2019
E34, 2600 Antwerpen, België

Hunted by Tim Marschang. Pictures by Chase.

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