Atomkraft bringt Tod. Nuclear power brings Death

First mural made by Klaus Paier in 1978. Second artwork made by Unknown at the same place. Hommage to Paier. The original picture was destroyed since years.
Klaus Paier was born 1945 in Essen and died 2009 in Cologne. He was a German Street artist pionier. Paier painted anonym with brushes colour between 1970 - 1990 about 100 murals in Aachen. He showed mainly political and social problems in his works. Three of his paintings are listed murals.

Wikipedia DE - Klaus Paier (Graffiti-Künstler)

Created on May 3, 2019Removed
Schinkelstraße 6, 52062 Aachen, Deutschland
Hunted by Regina Weinkauf.
Pictures by Regina Weinkauf.

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