Mirada de amor

Mural made by the artist Jota Villarreal.
Perhaps one of the most amazing murals made by Jota, not only for its meaning, but also for the place where it is located. To see it you can only access thru the water, because it was made on an old building that’s in the middle of the sea on a mangrove Bay Area on the cost of the island. You can get by boat or by kayak if you want to make it more fun, and live a different kind of experience that involves art and nature.
The mural was painted on the wall of and old energy production plant that used to provide energy for the whole island that later was abandoned because of the plant was moved to another place. The cost of having the energy plant in that spot was high, and all the area used to be contaminated with different kind of oils, fuel and hot water. That made that all the plants and animals that lived in that area disappear. When the plant was moved, the old structure was left behind but the mangroves and animals started to reappear, and the area was recovered and natural balance was found again.
In this mural Jota Villarreal painted the eye of her daughter on the old structure as the new watcher and vigilant of this beautiful natural ecosystem, reminding us all about all the damage that was inflicted to the mangrove bay and creating conscience about taking care of our planet and the island that we live on. That’s how we should love and treat our planet, with a love sight 


Created on August 15, 2018
Cra. 4 #2-37, San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone X
Artist nationalityColombia
Date created2018-08-15T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CitySan Andrés