Closing Your Eyes doesn’t make it Disappear (indoor)

Children are forced into work, robbing them of their childhood and education. Debt bondage traps individuals in cycles of servitude, perpetuating exploitation. Land expropriation undermines indigenous communities' connection to their ancestral lands, eroding cultural identity. Illegal deforestation destroys precious ecosystems, endangering biodiversity and disrupting the balance of nature. Similarly, unregulated fishing depletes marine resources, jeopardizing both livelihoods and traditional fishing practices.

Consequences of Modern Slavery

Environmental degradation: Activities such as illegal deforestation, mining, pollution, and destruction of ecosystems can have a devastating impact on the habitat.

Raising awareness about the environment is crucial for understanding the consequences of modern slavery on the environment and indigenous communities. By increasing awareness, people can be encouraged to make more sustainable choices, advocate for environmental protection, and support the rights of indigenous peoples.

Addressing these issues is crucial to protect cultural heritage, promote sustainable development, and safeguard the Moluccas' unique way of life.

1 July - 5 Sept. 2023
Stadshuis Deventer Grote Kerkhof 1 Deventer.

Created on July 15, 2023
Grote Kerkhof 1, 7411 KT Deventer, Nederland

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