Three Shamans

Mural by Brazilian artist Fabio de Oliveira (a.k.a. Cranio). The piece was created during the second edition of Urvanity Art Fair in 2018. It depicts three of his signature blue indigenous characters.

As Cranio explained in an interview, "this mural has three shamans, who together symbolize protection, bringing balance and spreading peace. The shaman is considered one of the most important figures within the Brazilian indigenous tribes of Tupi-Guarani origin, used to refer to the figure of the counselor, healer, sorcerer and spiritual intermediary of an indigenous community."

As "Widewalls" magazine points, Cranio is best known for his blue Indian characters that reflect the troubles indigenous people from Brazil face in the unforgiving contemporary world. His works highlight this contrast between their spiritual world and the consumerist and harsh environment, raising questions about the society we live in. His moniker is actually his childhood nickname he got while he was in school. He was the smartest kid in his class, so the other kids named him Cranio, someone with a big brain. Cranio means Skull in Portuguese and Brazilian. He began his art journey in 1998 by writing his name on the walls, influenced by graffiti from other artists he saw around the city, like Os Gemeos. It wasn’t long until he started drawing characters that gave a bit of humor to the grayness of the concrete walls. He’s a self-taught artist, who learned everything he knows about the art on the streets. Over the years, his technique and context, which are essential for his work, have improved drastically, without affecting the sharpness of the style he’s known for.
Created on February 23, 2018
Calle Jesús Maestro, 1, 28003 Madrid, Spanje

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