Monumental mural by brit Ben Eine. The piece pays homage to the neighborhood were it is located: Lavapies. It was created as part of the first Urvanity Art Fair in 2017.

Here you have some background information about Eine extracted from "Widewalls":

Ben Eine was born in 1970, in London. As a youngster, he worked for Lloyds of London and started painting walls as a vandal leaving his first tag all over London. Eine has been arrested for vandalism 14 times and was categorized as an artistic fugitive at a young age, but after two of his fellow graffiti artists were arrested and sent to prison he decided to step aside. After a while, he devoted his full attention to decorating the streets. During the course of time, Ben Eine became master graffiti artist and in past few years established a studio titled simply Pictures on Walls which became known for most iconic works.

Before he started flirting with commercial graffiti, Ben Eine was a very famous writer in the underground London graffiti scene. He was known for unusual throw up style which was aimed to stand out from the usual tags and dubs seen on the streets at the time. Largely inspired by the work of subversive fashion designer Noki, he first started to explore more commercial avenues in a workshop in Leonard Street, London. At this time, the artist contributed to sticker graffiti and was prolific in East London with his neon and black EINE stickers (multiple EINE names). In addition to development of his career is the fact that Eine’s screen printing skills have helped produce some of the most sought after prints from some of the greatest street artists on the planet.

When started out, the artist felt the existing graffiti artists were creating designs that were entirely too similar and therefore lacked interest. Eine was prone to invent something else and since was always interested in letters and how they could change shape when combined into words he decided to dedicate himself fully to that task. Therefore, he became completely focused on producing huge letters on shop fronts and his bright, colorful letters have transformed streets around the world in cities spanning from LA, over San Francisco, to Mexico City. Interestingly, in recent years with his commercial work, he has produced numerous lettering styles including shutter, circus, neon, elton, vandalism and wendy.
Created on February 23, 2017
Parque Casino de la Reina, Calle de Embajadores, Madrid, España

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Camera usedApple iPhone X
Date created2017-02-23T23:00:00.000Z
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