A Orixe

 Mou, member of the urban art project "Desordes Creativos" and coordinator in several editions of the Rexenera Fest, painted this mural where a large diver is represented finding a bottle, which contains an oak leaf (symbol of the town). Thus the work shows the search for the Origin of Carballo. The area was formerly known for its naturally medicinal springs, thanks to ancient trees, which nourished the minerals and nutrients of water. Mou manages to reflect this idea with a modern aesthetic, close to the European comic, made practically in a single chromatic range, using only the blue color, which endows the surface with an aura of mystery.

His creations are graffitti, with influences of comic style.

This mural was part of “Derrubando muros con pintura” 2014 and was located on the corner between Avenida das Flores and Fábrica Street until the month of December 2017, when the building ended up being demolished to improve the accessibility of the area. ​​Mou made another version of this painting on the wall behind after the demolition.

Created on December 31, 2013Removed
Av. das Flores, 4, Carballo, España

Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.

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