Campina Cow

FrieslandCampina A cow of no less than 50 meters against the FrieslandCampina warehouse. A few years ago, Campina built a new warehouse, where all their products such as Cécémel, Campina, Nutroma, Fristi and Joyvalle are produced and automatically stored on pallets. A dull grey building, which can be seen from almost every corner of Aalter. "Something we changed by having artist Smates paint a huge cow on the building and thus immortalize the origin of our products on this wall," says Sarah De Meester from Campina.
Created on September 23, 2023
Venecolaan 17, 9880 Aalter, België
Hunted by Tony Gielen.
Pictures by Tony Gielen.

Marker details

PhotographerTony Gielen
Camera usedCanon EOS R10
Marker typeartwork