Meeting dinosaurs with comets

The Yekaterinburg artist Natasha Pastukhova left both touching and sharp as a razor imprint on the wall of a small building at 91 Mira Street: 
"While I was going to the north, I thought what I wanted to create. I wanted to leave an imprint on the wall as an ancient rock painting, to capture an important moment. 
Then there appeared a story about how dinosaurs first met comets, about the moment of acquaintance, which is still in process and the outcome of this story is unpredictable".
Created on July 2, 2016
пр. Мира, 93A, Ноябрьск, Ямало-Ненецкий автономный округ, Россия, 629810

Hunted by Street Art Hunter. Pictures by Maksim Loskutov.