The world keeps an incredible number of mysteries that are complicated to fathom in a lifetime. However, it's incredibly interesting to face them in everyday life. 
Thousands of years ago Earth poles switched, which causes Earth's tectonic plates to shift. It affected climate change so that ancient inhabitants of the planet turned into ice blocks and habitual places today looked absolutely different. 
Today it's more like a fairy tale, but thousands of years ago Siberia was full of waters and there were mammoths eating fresh grass. This is incredibly interesting. 
In Noyabrsk on a small building our strong tandem of artists Alexander Dergachev and Sergey Ivanov painted anatomical relics, casts of ancient inhabitants of this young Siberian city.
Created on July 2, 2016
Советская ул., 92, Ноябрьск, Ямало-Ненецкий автономный округ, Россия, 629803

Hunted by Street Art Hunter. Pictures by Maksim Loskutov.