Exterior Intervention 1: angle of incidence

Christopher Derek Bruno, a Seattle-based artist, plays with perspective, color, and form to create dynamic visual experiences. His carefully composed and colored geometries create the illusion of changing dimensionality, an illusion enacted by the viewer’s motion and shifting vantage point.

For SODO Track, Derek created his largest-scale work to date. With a full color spectrum of 21 hand-mixed values, he transformed the entirety of a multi-plane building, activating nine separate surfaces. This site-specific work explores light as a means to “detect and decipher motion,” visually referencing two properties of light—redshift and blueshiftcommonly used to “measure for the direction of a galaxy/star/object/particle as it moves through space and time.”

Created on July 31, 2017
2739 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA

Hunted by WISE KNAVE. Pictures by WISEKNAVE.