This mural is a composition of acrobats, silhouettes in black and white that hang from colored loops, both of geometric shapes. These forms are close to op art (optical art), which is characterized by creating optical effects by playing with resources such as the background-figure, or the contrast between colors. 
In the upper part of the mural, adapting to the shape of the building and its elements, such as the windows (which were also one more resource in the composition) a larger scale figure appears accompanied by stars. The hat, the exaggerated eyelashes, the gesture, remind the figures of the world of the show, that behind the masks, the make-up and the costumes create a magical scenography.
In the lower right, on the wall attached to the house, we find the representation of Pierrot. This character represents the clown wounded in love, Colombina's boyfriend, with a white face, melancholic and adorned with a large gorget. The background plays again with geometric shapes, creating an illusion of movement or volume.
Formally, it is a composition that plays with flat but vibrant colors and simple geometric shapes, creating a light, ethereal composition, just like the movements of acrobats hanging in the air.
This artwork is part of Derrubando muros con pintura 2014, more info at:
Created on December 31, 2013
Rúa Baixa, 11, Carballo, España

Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.