Tachar as pintadas dunha rúa

In this visit to the Rexenera Fest 2018, Daniel Muñoz "SAN" did not disappoint and entertained us with this unique and particular piece, designed, documented and made specifically by and for Carballo. 
A strip of images in Polaroid format that portray flashes of the street of the own wall, establishing a curious game with the pedestrian. As in a treasure hunt, SAN invites the passer-by to immerse himself in the clues left in those 5 pictures and discover where each of them is located to put the focus on things no one usually repairs.
A poetic and lucidly contradictory image that makes us question some things
What kind of expression is valuable ...? 
Why some paints are covered and according to what criteria ...? 
Is there beauty in a supposed ugliness ...? 
Created on December 31, 2017
Calle Castelao, 3, Carballo, España

Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.