I missed you...

The Polish Natalia Rak is well known for her giant portraits in a very colorful, detailed style that approaches dream-like and almost surreal worlds.
In Carballo she left us her mark during the Rexenera Fest of 2016 with the great mural "I missed you ...", in which the artist represented a direct image that conceptually breaks with her previous works, taking us to a more romantic plane within her trajectory. A love story represented in a single frame, which pays homage to those old films of the 40s or 50s in which two lovers merge into a powerful hug about to kiss each other. A hug in the shelter of the rain, an iconic and universal image.
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Created on January 5, 2016
Rúa Vila de Negreira, 66, Carballo, España
Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.

Marker details

FestivalRexenera Fest
OrganizationMutante Creativo
Marker typeartwork