Part of Rexenera fest 2015.

  “O lixo de um homem é o tesouro do outro” ("The garbage of a man is the treasure of another one"). With this premise as the motto, the Portuguese Bordalo II is distinguished by his mastery when making art with waste materials. Old pieces of a car were used, in Carballo, to create this beautiful worm that, since then, is not separated from this side of the Forum building.
  The piece is part of his series "Big trash animals" in which the Portuguese artist represents mother nature through his garbage animals, built precisely with everything that destroys it: waste. The work implicitly reflects the harmful vices of this consumer society and invites reflection on the drift of exponential growth that the planet is experiencing. 

  Trasherpillar integrates completely with the environment that surrounds it, since it shows an intentional game of green colors that blends with the chromatic range of the building. It also plays skillfully with the intermediate space between the two walls to get a greater sense of the 3D effect that this mural already has. 

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Created on December 31, 2014
Rúa Luis Braille, 16, Carballo, España
Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.

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