Costa da Morte

Cinta Vidal studies at Escuela de Massana in Barcelona and at a very early age she starts working at the Castells Set Design Workshop. Hence her brushstroke and taste for detail. 
Cinta is used to represent disconnects with the world that surrounds us, parallel realities that are reflected by suppressing the gravitational dimension. Her work is a reflection on the order and disorder of the elements, worlds and ideas. Stories that coexist without coming across.
«It's a challenge to understand this unbalancing equilibrium»
On this occasion, Cinta left a mural designed for Carballo, entitled "Costa da Morte", in which she portrays certain predominant features of Carballo's own architecture, such as houses with galleries, houses with roofs of tile and the peculiar horreos of the region.
As in all her previous work, she uses architecture as a crucial narrative element of the work but introduces less used elements in her career as mountains and cliffs, which, turned and lacking in gravity, acquire more expressiveness and a special vertigo.
Part of the Rexenera Fest festival 2017
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Created on December 31, 2016
Rúa Vázquez de Parga, 29, Carballo, España

Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.