Night gallery of street art #2

Newsagents’ kiosks are favourite surfaces among graffiti-bombers, who create their pictures illegally in the urban space. New graffiti cover the older and after some time kiosks turn out to be all over drawn – this isn’t the best improvement of the urban environment.

We tried to change graffiti’s bad influence and transformed it to a benefit. When the city falls asleep, the „Rospechat“ kiosks turn to unique art-objects, creating a street-art gallery opened for everyone in the urban environment.

The Hands painted on kiosk’s shutters is one of exercises in academic painting. In sign language the gesture of the hands means “closed“.

Made for the Stenograffia Festival.
Created on September 9, 2017
ул. Уральская, 65, Екатеринбург, Свердловская обл., Россия, 620041

Hunted by Street Art Hunter. Pictures by Dmitry Chabanov.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork