Night gallery of street art #1

Night street-art gallery

Newsagents’ kiosks are favoured surfaces among graffiti-bombers, who create their pictures illegally in the urban space. New graffiti cover the elder and after some time kiosks turn out to be all over drawn – this isn’t the best improvement of the urban environment.

We tried to change graffiti’s bad influence and transformed it to a benefit. When the city falls asleep, the „Rospechat“ kiosks turn to unique art-objects, creating a street-art gallery opened for everyone in the urban environment.

When we found this kiosk, it was beaten black-and-blue because it had been covered with tags. Every tag or throw-up is a part of the urban space, though.

Artist decided not to paint out tags, but to make them an element of his street-art object, adding over the existing picture a white city silhouette, through which you can distinguish the story of buildings and the old kiosk’s keeper.

Made for the Stenograffia Festival.
Created on September 9, 2017
ул. Смазчиков, 2Г, Екатеринбург, Свердловская, Россия, 620041

Hunted by Street Art Hunter. Pictures by Dmitry Chabanov.

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