Neural street art

The artwork is based on a mosaic floor in a Roman villa at La Olmeda, which was built in Spain in the mid-4th century AD during the Flavian Dynasty. Neural network, specially trained by Yandex, managed to restore missing elements of the mosaic using machine learning.

The resulting image was transferred to the facade using a wall printing robot, technology and software for which were developed by a creative team of Stenograffia festival:
"The artist who created this mosaic in the 4th Century AD could not even imagine that in about 17 centuries his work would be restored by an intellect of a completely another level and origin. As a result, his work was brought to life after centuries; this means that he is alive in our minds, too. The image created by two machines under our supervision is a message to contemporary artists: just imagine what can happen in future to you and things you create today? It is absolutely impossible to predict how much technology will advance in a couple of centuries. Today, each of us can create something that will be continued later by someone from completely another world’".

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyEljvMgX_U

Made for the Stenograffia Festival.
Created on May 28, 2018
ул. Попова, 9 корпус 1, Екатеринбург, Свердловская, Россия, 620014

Hunted by Street Art Hunter. Pictures by Maksim Loskutov.

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