La chambre des refusés / The room of the rejecteds /

The room of the rejected, that is the name I chose to paint room number 94 of Hotel 128, an artistic project carried out in Street Art City, a complex of buildings dedicated to  urban art.
In this project of Hotel 128 the artist can freely express himself and decide which part of the room to intervene and which does not.
The only premise is that within the room you have to leave a couple of canvases of 170 × 100 and 100 × 100.

The room of the rejected is a play on words that refers to the "Le Salón des refusés" (Hall of the rejected ) of Paris, the Hall in which the artists who were rejected to exhibit in "Le Grand Salon" (The Great Hall) exposed their works.

In this case artists are not occupying the room, instead there are immigrants, refugees, migrants ... whatever you want to call them, people forced to leave their home, their family, their country, their history, to try to save their lives, crossing a sea ​​that sometimes devours them and trying to reach a country that surely wants to deny them entry.

People we watch on television while we eat or the one we see photographed in the newspapers we read on the way to work, people we see from afar ...
In this room it is the other way around, they are the ones who watch us, those who ask us where are those promises we made ...
Created on May 16, 2017
STREET ART CITY, Les Bruyères de Béguin, Lurcy-Lévis, Francia
Hunted by Asier Vera.

Marker details

Date created2017-05-16T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedApple iPhone 7 Plus
Marker typeartwork