Love, Loss, N Beyond

Painted as part of Hit the North 2022 with Hennessy

Artist says... Everyone has a story to tell, a story of love, loss and beyond... But what actually is the whole content about here? Countless songs, movies and stories show us every day what something should be and should look like. Behaviors, assessments, expectations, reactions, disappointments, intrigues, dramas, love, misunderstandings, emotions, losses, but not all that bad, because the narrative usually is ending with the famous happy end. All good and forgotten and a bag full of happiness at your front door?! A utopia from Hollywood à la Walt Disney that has been indoctrinated for generations?! Just to keep up the positive thought and belief? Déjà vu, brainwash or reality?! Are we looking for love or is love looking for us, do we miss everything in the period we are looking for things? It also seems that Homo sapiens always strives for what they don't have at the moment. Or is this already consumer behavior? Are we consuming our own lives, including the emotions we experience, without knowing what is really real?! We learn from history that we learn nothing. So are we accordingly caught in an endless loop of feelings and repeating loves, losses and whatever, beyond that may be? No matter how often and in how many variations these stories are told, the most fundamental of all questions is, do we learn something from them before it's too late??? Love more, love hurts, but so does loss, beyond that it might be too late already...

Created on April 30, 2022
115 North St, Belfast BT1 1ND, UK
Hunted by Adam Turkington.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS R6
Date created2022-04-30T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited Kingdom