The Diamond

Zenk One (NL) created a tribute to kickboxing legend Ramon Dekkers. The design features boxing gloves, a Thai floral wreath and a diamond, which is a reference to his nickname ’The Diamond’. Dekkers was an eight time Muay Thai world champion and the first foreigner to be given the title of ‘Thaiboxer of the Year’. This made Dekkers a hero in Thailand. In 2013 Dekkers died unexpectedly during training. Local Tuinzigt inhabitants Ivonne Peeters and Ciska Jansen made it their mission to make this mural happen.

Robin Nas aka Zenk One became known for his realistic portraits, which he later mixed with a more graphic style. Today he travels the world to create large-scale murals in his distinctive style.
(Source: www.blindwalls.gallery)
Created on December 22, 2018
Meidoornstraat 64, 4814 KE Breda, Nederland
Hunted by Marco Breda.

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Date created2018-12-22T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork