Caloundra Water Tank Art

The Caloundra Water Tank is located in Queen Street and it had its makeover in December 2014.

It stands Seven metres tall and is now 78 years-old. The iconic landmark in the past was an easy target for graffiti vandalism, but now stands proud with a stunning display of native flora and fauna, a tranquil hinterland scene.

Painted by unknown local artists in conjunction with Unitywater.

  • The mural was created to help deter graffiti on the reservoir
  • Graffiti removal can cost Unitywater up to $1500 at a time
  • Murals are a cost-effective way to maintain large water towers or sewage pump stations
  • The mural designers, Phantast, took their inspiration from the creation stories told by Maroochy Barambah, a songwoman of the Turrbal people.

For more information on Unitywater’s Community Artwork Program visit: www.unitywater.com/community/community-artwork-program

Caloundra also has some very notable street art as well.

Link to street art map
https://d1j8a4bqwzee3.cloudfront.net/~/media/Corporate/Documents/CulturalHeritage/72220B_Public Art Trail Maps_Downtown Caloundra_www.pdf?la=en

Photo 📸 credit by sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

Created on December 11, 2014
Water Treatment Plant, 203 Sugar Bag Rd, Aroona QLD 4551, Australia
Hunted by Annette Green.

Marker details

Date created2014-12-11T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityCaloundra QLD