The Heart of the Great Southern

Located at the Shire of Katanning Building 16-24 Austral Terrace.
Tunisian Karim Jabbari is an abstract calligraphy and lightgraff artist whose work is inspired by old Arabic  scriptures. Jabbari’s abstract form of calligraphy uses different patterns, shapes and colours featuring compositions of classic Kufi and Maghrebi calligraphy and reflect a strong pull towards his North African background as well as an effort to keep dying traditions alive.
“This mural is composed of a matrix using two Arabic letters that create an abstract background, revealing the beauty of this traditional form of writing, considered a heritage of humanity. Inserted in this matrix of letters is a message saying ‘Katanning, the heart of the Great Southern’, celebrating the pioneering spirit and heritage of the town” - Karim Jabarri

This artwork was produced by Karim Jabarri as part of FORM’s PUBLIC in Katanning 2017 program.
For more information about FORM please visit https://www.form.net.au/

Created on November 7, 2017
26 Austral Terrace, Katanning WA 6317, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Annette Green.