The canon of beauty in current urban art
The beauty canon in urban art a priori is not governed by the same beauty canons of classical art. Today it is a very complex task to define the differences between the beauty canon of graffiti versus the works of museums or galleries. However, it is very tempting to consider doing an analysis on this question. When you walk through any city big or small and see provocative works of graffiti and urban art, you tend to question its beauty.

This is what happens to us with the latest mural work by Manomatic 'Motomatic' made in the city of Huelva. The striking work of large proportions generates the need to understand, what has been its inspiration, what is it that it wants to tell us, who is the portrayed?...or...is it beautiful?. All these questions and reflections already occupied the minds of men and women of other times. However, perhaps by revisiting these ideas we can better understand the canon of beauty in current urban art, before analyzing Manomatic's latest work.

For more information about the work visit our blog: https://manomaticestudio.com/canon-de-belleza-arte-urbano/

Created on May 9, 2023
Av. del Nuevo Colombino, 33, 21007 Huelva, España
Hunted by Kato.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D7200
Marker typeartwork