The Rosebery Silo was completed in late 2017 and is the 13th silo in the Australian Silo Art Trail.

Before commencing her artwork on the Rosebery silo, Melbourne based artist Kaff-eine, spent time in the Mallee assisting “Rone” on the lascelles silos mural project. Kaff-eine also used this time to travelling between the neighbouring communities. She discovered the natural wonders of the environment around her and  acquainted herself with the local families, farmers and business owners of the area also.
By doing this Kaff-eine identified the elements that she felt truly represented the spirit and tenacity of the Mallee.
On one silo she captures the image of a young female farmer, a strong woman who is used to the hardships of the land. Her clothes are workshirt and jeans with turned down cowboy boots, which illustrates the life she lives. Sufferings through drought, fires and the other hardships of the land.
On the other silo is a man sharing a tender moment with a very close friend. He portrays the image of the typical Mallee farmer with his Akubra hat, boots and oilskin vest. Where as the horse, with head bent shows its mutual trust, love  and genuine affection for his companion and owner.

Created on November 30, 2017
4731 Henty Hwy, Rosebery VIC 3395, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Annette Green Kaff-eine .

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CityRosebery VIC