Kadina Water Tower Art

The Kadina Water Tower Artwork depicts a prideful Maypole Queen, standing proud and grounded holding copper and wheat.
These two elements represent the discovery of copper in the area in the local mines and homage to Kadina's agricultural history of farming. The steam train is depicted as the water tower played an important part in the life of the steam train that transported both these goods  and other freight in the region.
There will be phase two to the Kadina Water Tower as well. You may notice when you visit there is some "empty space" not painted at the rear of the tower, this is for the input of a staircase and viewing platform at a future date. 
Created on November 24, 2018
12 Frances Terrace, Kadina SA 5554, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Resio Mary-Ann Yeo Kadina Memorial School.