The Wirrabara Silo was completed on the 22nd of October 2018 and were painted by an Australian Artist Sam Bates who goes by the name of “Smug” or @smugone. He spent three weeks in a boom lift to create this absolutely outstanding piece of art work that is awe inspiring as you stand there to view it.

Depicted in the mural is the likeness of Tumby Bay resident Dion Lebrun, who will now be immortalised for years to come in mural form. Mr LeBrun’s son Harry has also been the subject for a mural. Harry was painted by the Tumby Bay Silo artist, Martin Ron on a building in Moscow which was completed in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. So now quite a famous family.

The rest of the mural shows the area’s natural beauty, forrest industry and two magnificent Robin Red Breast birds, one male and one tiny female featured on Mr Lebrun’s shoulder.

This is truly a stunning piece of artwork which I thoroughly recommend you all go and see. Also don’t forget to support the wonderful people of Wirrabara for giving us this wonderful opportunity. 🤗
Created on October 21, 2018
27 Hill Side Rd, Wirrabara SA 5481, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Annette Green.