The Newdegate Silos were the fifth silo to be completed in the Public Silo Trail of Western Australia and they were the 21st to be completed in the Australian Silo Art Trail. They were painted by Brenton See and completed in May 2018.

The Newdegate Silos feature the Western Bearded Dragon, the Red tailed phascogale; which is a rare marsupial found only in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. They also feature a Malleefowl, another local bird of the area and finally on the last silo is an emblematic depiction of the region, says Brenton. It features a shape like a drop of water, half-white, half-teal. The white represents the salt lakes; and the teal represents the freshwater lakes and rain. In the background are coloured squares showing how the land appears from above: green for the bushland areas and brown, orange and red for the dirt and rocks.
This artwork was produced by Brenton See as part of FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail in Western Australia.
For more information about FORM please visit https://www.form.net.au/

Created on April 30, 2018
Maley St, Newdegate WA 6355, Australia
Hunted by Annette Green.
Pictures by Annette Green.

Marker details

Date created2018-04-30T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedNikon D5600
Marker typeartwork
CityNewdegate WA