The Pingrup Silos were the last and sixth to be completed in the Public Silo Trail of Western Australia. They are 23rd to be completed in Australia Silo Art Trail.

Pingrup is a very small rural town in the Great Southern of Western Australia, and these silos depict the area to perfection.

They show every day life in the rural community, showing off the towns iconic Pingrup races, it’s Merino sheep, it’s people and cattle dogs and even its iconic blue tractor which can be found in the main street of town.

Beautifully painted by Evoca1, it took 15 days to complete and 230 litres of paint to create this mural. Each silo is 25 metres high and 15 metres wide. Some days he worked from dawn to dusk using paint rollers and brushes atop a boom lift.

They were completed in September 2018.
Photo of the artist Evoca1 is from the Public Silo Trail of Western Australia by Brewley George Shaylor lll

This artwork was produced by Evoca1 as part of FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail in Western Australia.
For more information about FORM please visit https://www.form.net.au/

Created on August 31, 2018
67 Jolley Rd, Pingrup WA 6343, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Annette Green.