The Tumby Bay Silo was completed in April 2018 and was the 18th Silo to be completed in the Australian Silo Art Trail. They were painted by an Argentinean born artist by the name of Martin Ron. It took him five weeks, 430 litres of paint and 400 hours to complete. Martin was also assisted by a Sydney artist Matt Garrick.
Martin spent over a week in Tumby Bay touring the town, getting a feel for the place, when he came across some local children jumping off the jetty.  There is also a photograph by Robert Lang, captured in 2014 of two boys jetty jumping and it is from these two things that martins inspiration for the silos was conceived.
This particular silo was harder to complete than others as it runs horizontal, rather than vertical. And when viewed from just the right angle the connecting silos behind all line up to portray this wonderful image of the two boys enjoying a favourite summer pastime.
There is a car park for caravans and busses on the left as you enter Bratten Road heading towards town. Be sure to view the mural from the extreme left for best viewing.
Created on April 24, 2018
292 Bratten Road, Tumby Bay SA, Australia

Hunted by Annette Green. Pictures by Annette Green.