HuskMitNavn, born in 1975, from Tåstrup - Denmark. First experience with graffiti culture: 1993. This work by HuskMitNavn is part of Næstved Kunstby, presented by Næstved Ungdomsskole. It is a perfect example of his ability to incorporate the surroundings as well as a sense if humour in his work - and with a reference to his past as a graffiti writer. See more of his work here: https://huskmitnavn.dk/ Næstved Kunstby - built on local graffiti culture. https://www.naestvedkunstby.com/
Created on November 18, 2015
Østergade 22, Næstved, Danmark
Hunted by Næstved Ungdomsskole Kunstbyguide@gmail.com.
Pictures by Næstved Kunstby.

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Date created2015-11-18T23:00:00.000Z
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