ARYZ, born 1988, from Barcelona - Spain, first experience with graffiti culture: 2004. This work by Aryz is part of Næstved Kunstby presented by Næstved Ungdomsskole. We have two works by Aryz, an older one from 2012 and this newest one from 2017. It is an excellent example of his ability to create unique colours and repeat figures and motifs in a way that still holds variation and plays with perspective. See more of his work here: http://www.aryz.es/ Næstved Kunstby - built on local graffiti culture. https://www.naestvedkunstby.com/
Created on December 31, 2016
Lollandsvej 10, Næstved, Danmark
Hunted by Næstved Ungdomsskole Kunstbyguide@gmail.com.
Pictures by Næstved Kunstby.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 550D
Date created2016-12-31T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork