The sleeper is a portrait of a worker who is back home from work, he worked so hard that he is exhausted and asleep in the subway.
The work fits into the series of walls with the theme "perfect moments".
It is the perfect moment. This is the perfect moment for him to take a rest.
The  fragmeneted work is a double layer: of course he prefers to lie on his own couch or bed. But despite that, he looks peaceful. It stands for the thought of hard work and it does not matter where you sleep.
Everyone consists of small particles from which we are made up, these fragments make who we are as a person. It is a special part of humanity.

The neighbourhood was so happy with this new artwork in their street they organised a little inauguration ceremony to celebate it. A special moment where the artist could tell his story.
Created on September 17, 2018
Van Praetlei 16, 2170 Antwerpen, Belgium

Hunted by Tim Marschang.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork